Doctoral Dissertations

H.-T. Ngo, Surface Modification of Textile Fibers with Silk Protein Based Polymer, 2016

L. Pighinelli, Preparation of Microcrystalline Chitosan (MCCh)/Tricalcium Phosphate Complex in Sponge and Fibre Form for Hard Tissue Regeneration, 2012 (in cooperation with the Institute of Biopolymers and Chemical Fibres, Lodz, Poland)

H.E.E. Soliman, Interaction of Cellulose with Metal Ions: Mechanism, Characterization, and Application of Products, 2012

U.C. Paul, Adsorption of Polysaccharides on Cellulose in Presence of Multivalent Ions, 2012

H. Vu-Manh, Modification of Regenerated Cellulosic Fibers by Alkali-Iron-Tartaric Acid Complexes, 2011

L.T.T. Vo, Cellulose Carbamate: Synthesis and Shaping Process, 2011

K. Varga, Structure of textile fibres from cellulose and impact on resulting textile properties, 2009 (in cooperation with Lenzing AG, Austria)

S. Komboonchoo, Dyeing characteristics of natural dyes on wool, silk and hair, including assessment of relevant fastness properties, 2009

H.B. Öztürk, Effect of alkali treatment on regenerated cellulosic fibres, 2008

H.M. Bui, Investigation of Chemical and Physical Properties of Cellulose Fibre Defining Textile Performance, 2008

R. Mussak, Lichtechtheitsstudie am Modellsystem Berberin im Hinblick auf die Verwendung nachwachsender Rohstoffe in der Textilfärberei, 2007

A. Jaturapiree, Porosity and Transport Properties in the System Cellulose Fibre/Aqueous Medium – Determination and Modification of Porosity, 2007

M. Abu-Rous, Characterisation of the Wet-State Pore Structure of Lyocell and other Man-made Cellulosic Fibres by Fluorescence and Electron Microscopy, 2006 (in cooperation with Lenzing AG, Austria)

W. Zhang, Fibrillation of Cellullosic Fibres, 2004

A. Kongdee, Characterisation of Cellulosic Fibres: Identification and Characterisation of Sites responsible for the Uptake of Chemicals and Dyes during Cellulose Processing, 2004

A. Stolz, Spezielle Aspekte der Polyurethan-Chemie – Rohstoffanalytik, anwendungs, technische Eigenschaften, Entaminierungsmittel, 1999

S. Mohr, Physikalische Charakterisierung von elektrochemischen Zellen – Mehr-kathodenzellen, 1999

E. Jeliaskova, Elektrochemische Untersuchungen der Oxidationseigenschaften von Fe(II)-Polypyridin-Komplexen, 1994

M. Grünwald, Flüssigchromatographie mit textilen Faserstoffen zur Ermittllung von Kenngrößen für Textilveredlungsprozesse, 1991

Diploma/Master's/Bachelor's Theses

A. Bernhard, Characterization of the Ultraviolet Protection of Wearable Textiles, 2017

B. Paul, Untersuchungen zu alternativen Strategien in der Hydrophobausrüstung von Textilien, 2017

S. Groner, Analysis of swelling treatments on cellulosic fibres, Bachelors Thesis, 2007 (in cooperation with FH Reutlingen, Germany)

E. Fuchs, Enzymatic treatment of alkali treated cellulose fibres, Bachelors Thesis, 2007 (in cooperation with the University for Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna)

C. Schallert, Chemical mechanism and central parameters in the electrochemical of coating from hard metal substrates, Diploma Thesis, 2006

C. Martinez, Utilisation de nouveaux agents reducteurs pour la creation d’un effet de delavage, Diploma Thesis, 1997 (in cooperation with ENSAIT, Roubaix)

S. Maier, Analytik von Aminopolycarbonsäuren, Diploma Thesis, 1993 (in cooperation with FH Albstadt-Sigmaringen, Germany)

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