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The NewS project focuses on research into new technologies to produce composite textiles which function as washable sensors. New embroidery techniques will also be used to integrate sensor functions in bedding textiles. In a care home for the elderly, washable sensor-textiles will be tested for usability and lifetime expectancy. The interdisciplinary tasks require the cooperation of all relevant companies in the production, application and maintenance of the product.

In the NewS project the fundamentals for the design of embroidered sensors in textiles and soft material will be laid. The new technology will enable the partners to develop sensors for a high number of further applications. The research activities include textile production, technical embroidery, electronic data acquisition and transfer, application tests and life-time analysis after laundry.



The Research Institute for Textile Chemistry and Textile Physics will manage the coordination and supervision of the project. Technical and scientific support will be given for the individual research topics in preparation for experimental testing. The institute will also prepare the Ethics Commission documents for Classification of the Medical Devices Act. The results of the NewS project will also be of interest to TAGS for exploration into other beneficial applications.

Bedding Textiles

As a manufacturer of bedding textiles, Fusseneger will select the material as the base fabric for sensor textiles. Things to be considered: Resource-efficient production, chemical preparation of the textile,  research into alternative treatment methods, material selection as a prerequisite for recycling, optimal efficiency after washing, embroided sensor parts must not affect the function and material suitability for use in application. Furthermore, this process must coordinate with the requirements of the other Partners.

SMART Embroideries

SMART Embroideries will determine the suitable properties to produce an appropriate embroided sensor. Important tasks include the identification of: Conductive materials to process into yarns, material distortion and modification, functionality in application and after laundry, connection of the sensor to the tra nsmitter and the development of error-free production technology.


Data Recording

IDENTEC Solutions are a leader in RFID technology. They will determine the design requirements and manufacturing process for the production of a data analysis element for wireless signal transmission to a central recording station. Research into the technical prerequisites for robustness, quality assurance and life time optimisation and must be made.  The company will then examine the functionality with electrical coupling in textiles for data acquisition and logging, sustainability, energy efficiency and disposal in preparation for practical testing. 


In the second phase of the project functionality tests will be performed under practical conditions in the nursing home “Pflegeheim”, Dornbirn. The following will thus be evaluated:

  • Manageability of the technology in nursing homes (sensor efficiency when changing the bedding textile and detection of the sensor range and sensitivity).
  • Practical data acquisition and transfer (interference, false alarms).
  • Possibilities for developing an incontinence active management system and measure the humidity to improve conditions.
  • Optimal technical design specification.
  • Safety in application (control and safeguard against potential negative effects).
  • Washability and sustainability in the adjoining laundry (handling, costs and material sensitivity) to a limited extent.


Research Institute for Textile Chemistry and Textile Physics

Fussenegger (http://www.fussenegger.com/)

Smart Embroideries (http://www.smart-textiles.mobi/)

Identec Solutions (http://www.identecsolutions.com/)

Pflegeheim Dornbirn (http://pflegeheime.dornbirn.at/)

TAGS (http://www.textilesforageingsociety.eu/)

We thank Austrian Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft for funding Netzwerk waschbare Sensortextilien NewS, COIN-Project Nr.841054.

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