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July 2020

We have enjoyed supervising two students (Laura Dür and Julia Richter) from BG Dornbirn. They have performed an excellent internship at our institute under the FFG Talente-Programm.

 Talente students

From left to right: Laura Dür, Julia Richter, Dr. Avinash P. Manian, Dr. Noemí Aguiló-Aguayo.

June 2020

I am happy to announce that our ELIIT proposal called "Embroidered electrodes for high-performance redox flow batteries (EMBROIDER-POWER) has been granted! The ELLIT (European Light Industries Innovation and Technology) is an European project financed by the COSME program, which aims to support European collaborations between SMEs in the textile, clothing, footwear and leather sectors, together with technology centers or companies.



February - May 2020

Working on publications and project proposals. I am happy to announce that a new manuscript has been accepted for publication! Activation of carbon tow electrodes for use in iron aqueous redox systems for electrochemical applications Thanks Dr. Philipp Schröder for this nice piece of work!



January 2020

We are very happy to announce that our first manuscript has been published at Electrochemistry Communications and it is freely available to everyone!


October - November 2019

Working on WP2.1 and WP2.2 electrode designs and electrode integration in cells. First paper submitted!

August - September 2019

Preparation of the presentation for the Austrian Chemistry Days conference (Chemietage) 2019 in Linz (Austria). It was an interesting meeting, where we met Prof. Dr. Oliver Trapp, among others!

June - July 2019

Preparation of the poster for the International Flow Battery Forum 2019 in Lyon (France). It was a successful conference! our first results with the embroidered electrodes (which we hope they will be soon accepted for publication) were recognized by the research community, and the poster was awarded with the best introduction to a poster paper! We met the czech company Pinflow Energy Storage, from whom we received a redox flow battery for testing our electrodes.

May 2019

Working on WP2.1. Assessment of the electrode design and systematic characterization of embroidered electrodes. Preparation of embroidered electrodes with the help of our lab technician Thomas Drozdzik (Right image). Preparation of the cell frames using a Prusa 3D printer (Left image).

Embroidered electrodes        3D printer cell frames

Monday 06.05.2019. We were invited to the WissensDurst-Festival in Bregenzerwald. The event was really interesting and very well-organized!


Our presentation is available in the link below. It contains a first part about the energy situation in the EU and some energy concerns, and a second part about our work on Li-ion batteries and redox flow batteries using textiles structures. We hope you enjoy it!


April 2019

Friday 12.04.2019. In celebration of the 350th Anniversary of the University of Innsbruck, we have an Open Day for everyone at our Research Institute of Textile Chemistry and Textile Physics to show our facilities and laboratories! Sharing the importance of our Hertha-Firnberg project with the general public! Lectures in Vorarlberg are offered to celebrate the 350th Anniversary! More information is available at the link below.


March 2019

Abstract accepted for a poster presentation at IFBF 2019! Eager to share our first project results! Title of the abstract: Evaluation of the mass transport phenomena in flow-through electrodes with controlled geometries and arrangements

Friday 08.03.2019. Award ceremony Hertha-Firnberg and Elise-Richter FWF funding programmes. It was a great honour to meet so inspiring female researchers! I am profoundly grateful to the FWF for their continuous encouragement and support to female researchers.

Hertha-Firnberg- & Elise-Richter-Feier

February 2019

Working on WP1-2. Evaluation of catholyte/anolyte probe systems.

January 2019

A new 3D printer is available in the lab. Development of customized cell designs. 

November - December 2018

Working on WP1-1. Determination of the fundamental electrochemical characteristics of chosen redox couples

October 2018

Exciting lab work with Philipp Schröder electrolyte - Patent application in progress

Lab work with Philipp electrolytes

1st October 2018

Beginning of the project

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