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Mar 2019

Abstract accepted for poster presentation at IFBF 2019! Eager to share first project results! Title of the abstract: Evaluation of the mass transport phenomena in flow-through electrodes with controlled geometries and arrangements

Friday 08.03.2019. Award ceremony Hertha-Firnberg and Elise-Richter FWF funding programmes. It was a great honour to meet so inspiring female researchers! I am profoundly grateful to the FWF for their continuous encouragement and support to female researchers.

Hertha-Firnberg- & Elise-Richter-Feier

Feb 2019

Working on WP1-2. Evaluation of catholyte/anolyte probe systems.

Jan 2019

A new 3D printer is available in the lab. Development of customized cell designs.

Nov-Dec 2018

Working on WP1-1. Determination of the fundamental electrochemical characteristics of chosen redox couples

Oct 2018

Exciting lab work with Philipp Schröder electrolyte - Patent application in progress

Lab work with Philipp electrolytes

1st October 2018

Beginning of the project

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