EmbelRed | Dissemination Activities


May 2020

Publication of the manuscript Activation of carbon tow electrodes for use in iron aqueous redox systems for electrochemical applications, Journal of Materials Chemistry C (2020) 8, 7755-7764, 106650, 1-5.


Jan 2020

Presentation at the seminar's institute. You can check in the link below the presentation. Some concepts about polarization losses and mass transport are presented here. I personally recommend to read the book "Electrochemical Engineering Principles" from Geoffrey Prentice. It really helped me a lot to understand more about electrochemical cells.


Dec 2019   

Publication of the manuscript The role of electrode orientation to enhance the mass transport in redox flow batteries, Electrochemistry Communications (2020) 111, 106650, 1-5.                                     


Sep 2019   

Oral presentation Iron(III/II)-triethanolamine redox system in redox flow batteries at the Austrian Chemistry Days (Chemietage) , 24th- 27th September, Linz, Austria.

July 2019  

Poster presentation Evaluation of the mass transport phenomena in embroidered electrodes with controlled geometries and arrangements at the International Flow Battery Forum (9th- 11th July 2019, Lyon, France)

Poster awarded with the best introduction to a poster paper.

May 2019

Invited lecture (link below) at the WissensDurst-Festival in Bregenzerwald (Mellau, 06.05.2019).                                   


Dec 2018 

Seminar at the Research Institute of Textile Chemistry and Textile Physics of the University of Innsbruck.                   

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