Partial differential equations and dynamical systems

The main research topics in partial differential equations comprise:

  1. Generalized solutions to nonlinear partial differential equations, propagation of singularities in linear partial differential equations with discontinuous coefficients, stochastic partial differential equations, algebras of generalized functions, Fourier integral operators; → Michael Oberguggenberger

  2. Inverse problems, ill-posed problems, imaging and optimization, kinetic theory and statistical mechanics, shock and delta wave solutions to quasilinear hyperbolic systems; → Lukas Neumann

  3. Linear partial differential equations and systems, fundamental solutions and Green's functions, linear theory of generalized functions, functional analysis; → Peter Wagner

  4. Multbody simulations, coupled systems of ordinary and partial differential equations. → Robert Eberle

In all these fields, contributions cover theory (development of new mathematical concepts and methods) and applications in physics and in the engineering sciences, especially in elasticity.

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