WORKSHOP Applications of Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic to Engineering Problems:

The workshop was organized jointly with the Institute of Engineering Mechanics in Pertisau, September 29 - October 1, 2002.


The past decades have seen a rapid development of mathematical models and methods addressing data uncertainty. These theories either extend and complement probability theory by introducing more general structures or provide an alternative framework. This way issues of subjective risk assessment, vague data information and sensitivity analysis can be addressed in a more flexible way. The theories nowadays are subsumed under the heading of "imprecise probabilities" and include, in particular, interval analysis, interval probability, random sets and fuzzy sets. Applications to engineering sciences - which received increasing attention, particularly in recent years - have been undertaken in various ways, including decision theory, finite element computations in strength of materials, soil modelling in geotechnics, safety of structures, structural code developments, to name a few. This workshop brings together proponents from mathematics & engineering of the major branches of uncertainty modelling with the aim of (i) comparing and relating the different approaches, (ii) evaluating their capabilities for the solution of engineering problems, and (iii) discussing future developments.


G. I. Schuëller:
Introductory Remarks.
(.ppt 4.713k)

R. Albrecht:

Topological Foundation of Fuzziness.

(.doc 119k)

Th. Augustin:
On the information value of additional data and expert knowledge in updating imprecise prior information.
(.pdf 116k, .ps 237k)

M. Beer:
Fuzzy Structural Analysis.
(.pps 581k)

A. Bernardini:
Aggregation of Evidence from Random and Fuzzy Sets.
(.ppt 1226k)

A. Bignoli:
The use of partial coefficients to consider the incidences of hidden uncertainties.
(.doc 116k)

Th. Fetz:
Sets of joint probability measures generated by random sets.
(.pdf 136k)

J. Hall:
A classification approach to uncertainty in a hydrology/stability model using statistical and imprecise information.
(.pdf 564k)

K. Marti:
Plastic structural analysis under stochastic uncertainty.
(.pdf 284k, .ps 565k)

B. Möller:
Uncertain Modelling Using Fuzzy Randomness.
(.pps 2.046k)

M. Oberguggenberger:
Imprecise probability - theory and practice.
(.ppt 732k)

L. V. Utkin:
Two models of reliability by imprecise parameters of lifetime distributions.
(.pdf 146k)

R. Viertl:
Statistical analysis of fuzzy data.
(.ppt 2.742k)

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