DiSCourse Seminar with Johannes Hoff University of Innsbruck

Tuesday, 24 January, 13:00 (CET), hybrid

The Digital Science Center and the Department of Systematic Theology
would like to invite you to the following talk:

Johannes Hoff, University of Innsbruck

Embodied Cognition and Transindividuation:
The Anthropological Challenge of the Digital Transformation

In the last 30 years, the anthropological and neurobiological research on embodied cognition and
related discussions in the philosophy of technology have led to two groundbreaking insights:
1. Perceptions, Memories, Meanings and Volitions ain’t in the head. 2. Intelligence is governed by
emotions and intuitions that support the phenomenon of trans-individuation, i.e. intelligence is not
detachable from a unique perspective that makes our perception of the world meaningful. Against
this background, it becomes possible to discern between future-oriented, value-based research, and
more backward-orientated scientistic research projects, such as Elon Musk’s highly funded research
on brain-machine interfaces.

About the speaker:
Johannes Hoff was appointed Professor of theological Dogmatic at the University of Innsbruck in
September 2020. His research focuses on the tradition of Christian mysticism, the anthropological
challenge of the Digital Revolution, and the posthumanist discussion of 'technologies of the self', in
which Hoff discovers the key to a critical revision of our modern, humanist image of man. Against
this background, Hoff's latest FWF-funded research project "Embodiment in Theological
Anthropology" explores the role of the ‘Körper-Leib-Problem’ (body - lived-body problem) from a
historical, phenomenological, neurobiological and systematic-theological point of view.

Date, Time, Place:
Tuesday, 24 January, 13:00 (CET), hybrid
Participants are invited to join the event at the Digital Science Center, Innrain 15,
Open Space Area (1st floor), 6020 Innsbruck or online via Big Blue Button.

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