The Program

Become a top player in strategy and innovation management


Are you interested in discovering in-depth knowledge on how to develop and implement strategies? Do you want to build digital business models? What about founding your own start-up? Would you like to launch innovative products and services on the market?

The internationally oriented program “Strategic Management and Innovation” builds your awareness of business opportunities and challenges of digitalization, trains your entrepreneurial thinking and action through innovation projects, and provides you with practical insights into leading innovation ecosystems.

7 reasons to study Strategic Management and Innovation

  • Understand and develop strategies and business models
  • Learn how to successfully shape the digital transformation
  • Think critically and appreciate the openness
  • Develop entrepreneurial thinking and acting
  • Get practical insights into leading innovation ecosystems
  • Generate creative thinking and launch innovations
  • Be prepared for leadership roles and consulting activities

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Student experiences

Thomas Ortner

“My high interest in strategy and leadership urged me to start the Master's program at the SOWI, which enabled me to gain fundamental skills for a successful career in business. The program offers the right balance between theory and practice and allows to build up a network of international students and friends. Besides the University, Innsbruck and Tyrol offer several activities from sports to culture, thereby providing a unique study-life balance.”

Thomas Ortner


“What I like about UIBK? The practical courses in all fields of study, but especially Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, due to which I have already developed start-ups and provided strategic advice to international companies. The exceptionally good lecturers, who are leaders in their field, and finally the city of Innsbruck. It offers a lot with its flair and various leisure activities, such as skiing or paragliding.”

Anna Bartsch

Anna Bartsch


Alessandro Kling

"Through the Master's program at the UIBK, I learned to understand the enormous innovation potential of digitalization. This has helped me a lot to find the right business model for my own start-up after graduation.”

 Alessandro Kling,

Founder FiveTeams


The program

Key Facts

  • Program duration: 4 semesters
  • Program type: Full-time degree program
  •      Program start: It is highly recommended to start
         the program in October (Winter Terms)
  • Teaching language: English
  • ECTS Credits: 120


 (1) Admission  

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You are ambitious, creative, and have an open and entrepreneurial mind? Your goal is to work in an international environment, driving digital business models and innovation, or to build your own start-up? Apply now!

Here you will find all information covering the admission process, admission requirements, admission timeline, and deadlines.

Program start: every winter semester starting in October

(2) Program Structure and Content

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(3) Master of Science (MSc)

The degree "Master of Science" (abbreviation: MSc) is awarded to students on successful completion of the entire program. The Master's program in Strategic Management and Innovation prepares you for leadership roles in the strategic management and innovation management of companies as well as for founding and building your own start-up. You also have further career options in strategy and management consulting, at public institutions or start-ups, and in academia.




Faculty voices

Katja Hutter

Johann Füller

“We educate innovative and visionary business leaders – being interested in a career as an executive or founding your own start-up. The master program combines theory with tools and techniques to drive the digital challenges in an ever-changing business landscape.”

Prof. Katja Hutter,

Program Director

“The master program is a training and specialization space into the entrepreneurial endeavor. Students will have opportunities to detect growth opportunities, develop and launching innovative projects through plenty of ideation sessions, innovative thinking exercises, start-up events, or prototyping classes to practices skills and set an entrepreneurial mindset.”

Prof. Johann Füller,

Master’s Program Faculty Member


Julia Hautz

Kurt Matzler

In this program, we teach students to develop an open mind. We go beyond traditional frameworks and tools and train students to recognize and appreciate the enormous value and potential of digitalization, diverse perspectives, and inclusion in the development of new business models and strategies.”

Prof. Julia Hautz,

Master’s Program Faculty Member

“Strategy and Innovation are cornerstones of long-term success. This program provides cutting-edge knowledge, practical frameworks, and tools to cope with the challenges of constant change. We develop future leaders that shape their organizations with passion and perseverance to achieve their long-term goals.”

Prof. Kurt Matzler,

Master’s Program Faculty Member


Industry voices

Hermann Hauser

 ©Maria Noisternig             

“Entrepreneurship is a team sport. Next to the brilliant scientists, we need universities, investors, corporates, ecosystem players and most important, talents, to build a successful venture. The creation of this study program focusing on educating visionary business leaders will add value to the Tyrolean entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

Hermann Hauser, I.E.C.T

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