Admission Requirements

Admission to the master's degree program Strategic Management and Innovation requires the skill to combine a profound knowledge of strategy, organization, marketing, finance, and accounting required for strategic management with knowledge of qualitative and quantitative research methods. It is assumed that this knowledge has been attained if both equivalence of a bachelor’s degree and qualitative requirements are fulfilled as follows:

  1. Equivalence must be fulfilled with the applicant’s bachelor’s degree. This means that the completed bachelor’s degree must cover the following core areas (without taking the bachelor’s thesis into account):
    • 92,5 ECTS credits in business studies and economics, therefrom at least 50 ECTS credits in business subjects
  1. Qualitative entrance requirementsmust be fulfilled as follows:
    • 15 ECTS credits in (management and financial) accounting
    • 12,5 ECTS credits in marketing, retailing, strategic management, tourism/service management, or public management
    • 7,5 ECTS credits in mathematics and/or statistics

Graduates of the Bachelor's Program Management and Economics and the Diploma Program International Economic and Business Studies at the University of Innsbruck automatically meet these qualitative admission requirements.

Language Requirements

If you apply for the MSc Strategic Management, you must prove English language skills at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) at the time of application. For further information please visit the page of the study department: Language Certificates.

Documents for Application

Registration forms and further details (including information about authentication and residence permit) are available at the central study department. For further questions concerning your application, please approach the Admission Department.

Admission Deadline and Program Start

The Master’s program Strategic Management and Innovation starts every winter semester in early October. Although you can officially enroll at the University of Innsbruck until 31st October (find all official deadlines here), to participate in the courses you need to be enrolled right by the beginning of October. We, therefore, recommend that you apply for the master's program by the beginning/middle of July at the latest. Please consider that the review of your documents takes time. The earliest possible application is only for your benefit.

Applicants from EEA Member Countries
All applicants who fulfil the legal requirements will be given a place upon registration. Please keep in mind that the program starts in early October.

Applicants from Non-EEA Member Countries
International applicants from Non-EEA countries who fulfil the legal requirements on time will be eligible for the study program. Applicants must ensure that they fulfil the formal legal residence permit requirements in Austria themselves. Please contact the Austrian representative authority in time.

As the requirements regarding COVID are constantly changing (e.g., 3-G certificate, testing, and immunization opportunities), please check our university newsroom for further updates.

Everything ready?

Once you have compiled all the documents you need, you can apply for the master's program through the homepage of the university's central studies department.



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