Study Abroad!

Information for outgoing exchange students is currently available at the office for studies  .

  OS Community Innsbruck

The ConJunction blog   provides regular updates for all interested in or who consider themselves to be a part of the Organization Studies Innsbruck Community, including but not restricted to current and former students, practitioners and academic colleagues. It features updates on most recent publications, alumni and community events, videos and slides of public talks, calls for papers and occasional job offers as well as other news of potential interest to this community. You can either subscribe to the blog directly (e.g., via e-mail) or follow us on Twitter under   @osconjunction.

  Internships and Jobs

There is no mandatory internship in our Master's program. During the semester break, however, many of our students complete an internship, which is often a door opener for later trainee and permanent positions. Thanks to our excellent network of local and international companies, we are happy to support you in finding challenging internships.

  Voluntary Commitment

A number of student organisations have established themselves in the environment of the University of Innsbruck, which offer an exciting change from studying and in which you can voluntarily get involved.

In addition, a number of exciting lecture series take place at the University of Innsbruck over the course of the semester, which offer a look beyond the limits of your own studies - certainly an advantage that only a full university like the University of Innsbruck can offer you!

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