Maria Wieninger

Position: Consultant, Transformation Management GmbH

2019-08 Maria Wieninger

I really appreciated the combination of theory and interaction in the study program. On the one hand, I learned different organizational and sociological approaches, which build a foundation for my work as a consultant working on the topics leadership development, transformation and talent management. On the other hand, I developed important meta competences through the refreshing teaching practices and discussions: critically challenging the status quo, considering different perspectives on situations, and being open for alternative approaches. We had been such a diverse group of human beings from different schools of thought and cultural backgrounds. That made our discussions escpecially rewarding!

Tabea Ebel

Position: Executive assistant, Lebenshilfe Tirol

2019-08 Ebel

Organization Studies is not just a master’s programme that equips you with knowledge for your prospective job(s). It’s a possibility to take two years to question your perspective on the world and to get to know yourself, which enables you to start into your career of choice with self-confidence. Taking up my first position, I soon realized that I cannot help myself but analyze the organizational structures and micro political happenings. This helps me in my everyday work life and makes it easier to maneuver in a complex and big organization.

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