Victoria Banken

Position: PhD Candidate at the University of Innsbruck

I started with the Master program Information Systems at the University of Innsbruck in 2015. The knowledge I gained, the experiences I made, and the professional, enthusiastic and engaged team of lecturers and professors, were among the main factors that determined my decision to pursue a PhD.

The courses in programming, data base systems and methods of information systems among others provided fundamental knowledge, which until today supports my further PhD activities like the development and evaluation of the usefulness of platforms for idea selection in innovation contests.

The engagement in multiple group projects and in-depth discussions deepened not only my theoretical knowledge and methodological skills, but also gave me the opportunity to develop invaluable soft skills. It was a great learning experience, to develop tools and decision support systems in practice and at the same time to get insights into the world of research by exploring diverse topics. It was – and for me it still is – a pleasure to learn from and with such experienced and supportive Profs, Post Docs, and PhDs.

Janna Thiele

Position: IT Infrastructure Consultant at Accenture

I studied Information Systems at the University of Innsbruck from 2015 to 2017. One of the main reasons why I chose this study was that I wanted to gain interdisciplinary knowledge between IT and business. In todays digitalized world, which is formed by technological innovations it is key for every business related role to have interdisciplinary knowledge and to know how to make best use of technology. For me personally the study was a great preparation for my current job and I am confident, that I will be able to continue using the gained skillset in my ongoing career.

The mix of scientific research as well as case studies offers participants a great variety of skills and possible options in which they would like to increase their knowledge. The elective classes allow participants to get deeper insights into focus topics.

In hindsight I am delighted how practically relevant the provided knowledge is for my current job and I could highly recommend anyone studying this course, if you are interested to gain interdisciplinary skills related to IT & business.

Christian Lingg

Position: Data Scientist at HAWE Hydraulik

As a data scientist at a medium-sized mechanical engineering company, not only technical skills are required, but also social skills. The master's degree in information systems prepared me perfectly for both. Whether it's breaking down complex problems into smaller pieces and defining them in such a way that they are understandable for both management and development, or taking the lead in technical development myself, the University of Innsbruck gave me the right tools.

The master program is also perfect if you're not a 100% sure about the direction you want to take. Specialization is largely up to you, so that you can experiment on a safe ground.

In projects, there is always a more technical and a business management part, here you can familiarize yourself with both project structures and thus prepare yourself optimally for the professional world.

I don't want to miss out on the Master's program under any circumstances and value the skills I learned every day anew.

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