Study Abroad!

During the third semester (at the beginning of your studies in the winter semester), you have the opportunity to spend time abroad at one of our renowned partner universities. We currently offer places at the following universities as part of the "Banking and Finance" Master's programme:

  • Gothenburg, University, Sweden [english]
  • Lausanne, Switzerland [english]
  • Trento, Italy [englisch]
  • Further destinations are possible by arrangement.

In addition, the University of Innsbruck offers a number of "Joint Study Programmes", which are organised in cooperation with international partner universities around the world. Further information can be found on the following homepages:

  Internships and jobs

There is no mandatory internship in our Master's program. During the semester break, however, many of our students complete an internship, which is often a door opener for later trainee and permanent positions. Thanks to our excellent network of local and international companies, we are happy to support you in finding challenging internships.

In addition to their studies, particularly committed students can also pursue a minor occupation. Since our Master's program is a full-time program, we recommend working a maximum of 10 hours per week during the semester.

  Data access

At our data terminals at the Department of Banking and Finance, students have exclusive access to exclusive financial data from commercial providers such as Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters Datastream.

  BAFIT Network

The Department of Banking and Finance is member of the BAFIT Network  . For students, the network organizes case study challenges and excursions every semester in cooperation with our renowned partner companies, where students gain exclusive insights into the respective companies and can make valuable contacts. In addition, the BAFIT network regularly organizes lectures at the University of Innsbruck, where representatives from business and administration discuss current topics at first hand.

  Voluntary commitment

A number of student organisations have established themselves in the environment of the University of Innsbruck, which offer an exciting change from studying and in which you can voluntarily get involved.

In addition, a number of exciting lecture series take place at the University of Innsbruck over the course of the semester, which offer a look beyond the limits of your own studies - certainly an advantage that only a full university like the University of Innsbruck can offer you!

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