Relevant bachelor's resp. diploma degrees at the University of Innsbruck

  • Bachelor's Programme Management and Economics
  • Diploma Programme International Economic and Business Studies

Criteria for the determination of equivalence

Admission to the master's degree programme may also be possible if a student has completed a bachelor's degree in a relevant related field. As part of the determination of equivalence, the following core areas of the completed bachelor's degree programme (without taking the bachelor's thesis into account) will be assessed:

  • 100 ECTS-Credits Core Area: Management and economics
  • 20 ECTS-Credits in the areas of economics, mathematics, statistics
  • 15 ECTS-Credits in the areas of investment and financing, bank management, financial management, risk management

In the event that equivalence has been established in principle but with certain qualifications missing for full equivalence, supplemental examinations may be required. These examinations must be completed during the master degree programme.

Further information   on the admission requirements can be found on the homepage of the central study department.

Everything ready?

Once you have compiled all the necessary documents, you can apply for the Master's programme via the homepage of the university's central study department.


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