Study management and economics at the University of Innsbruck!

Study management and economics at the University of Innsbruck! The Faculty of Business and Management and the Faculty of Economics and Statistics offer several Bachelor's and Diploma programs, various Master's programs and two specialised PhD programs.


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Our Study Programs


Bachelor and Diploma Programs

In our Bachelor's and Diploma programs, you will receive a comprehensive introduction to economics and management [more]


Master Programs 

In our specialised Master programmes you can deepen your knowledge according to your personal interests [more]




PhD Programs 

Our PhD programs are your start into your scientific career! Learn from leading researchers and advance your own research  [more]




General Information


General Information

On the following pages we have compiled useful information about the University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck, study financing and frequently asked questions [more]


University of Innsbruck

The university can look back on over 350 years of history. During this time it has developed into a full university with 16 faculties [more]



The Olympic city of Innsbruck is characterised by a high quality of life in which not only athletes get their money's worth [more]


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