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Did you know that...

  • your student ID is also your library ID and that you can register for BibSearch with your LFU-identification?
  • you can research databases, e-journals and e-books from your home with a VPN-access ?
  • you can request longer lending periods via LFU Online, if you are working on a Diploma or Master’s Thesis or on a Dissertation resp. (“My mailbox” – Neuer Antrag)?
  • we offer a tailored training programme including services, research strategies, literature management and a lot more?
  • a software for literature management facilitates scientific working and makes it possible to collect sources such as newspaper articles, books and internet pages in an easy way?
  • scientific final thesis, Diploma Theses, Master’s Theses and Dissertations can be handed in electronically?

Where can I find what?

  • In the BibSearch search portal you can find about 90% of the print and online stock of the ULB Innsbruck, in particular essays from e-journals and e-books from all subject areas.
  • The electronic magazine libraryfinds all e-journals that were licensed by the ULB and are freely accessible, the database info system  all licensed and numerous freely accessible databases.
  • Via the Onleihe e-Book Tirolyou can also borrow and download non-scientific e-books, e-papers, e-audios and e-videos.
  • Via the Digital Libraryyou have access to the digitised stocks of the ULB Tirol and to “born-digital” resources of the LFU Innsbruck.
  • International papers are available online and across the campus on Library PressReaderand SZ LibraryNet  (Süddeutsche Zeitung). The APA DeFacto Campus holds national papers.
  • You can also directly see or subscribe to your new purchases of print media and e-books.


  • Since the summer, there have been more than 50 new reading and learning places in the passage to the old library building. Moreover, sound absorption panels were installed. The lounge is therefore suitable for students who want to learn in a community or also for a break in-between.
  • The historic reading room was completely renovated and newly designed with regards to content in the last semester – now you can find or borrow literature on the research foci of the University of Innsbruck as well as on the special collection field of “Tirolensien” (literature  dealing with the Tyrol or literature written by Tyroleans acc. to the borders before 1918) there.
  • Now new at the main library and the law library: With ScanTent you can digitize book pages in no time and save them as PDF document or image file on your mobile.  Moreover, the installed OCR-identification makes an immediate search for certain words and copying of texts possible.

Always informed!

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