Colourbox Picture Database

The University of Innsbruck has a campus license for the Colourbox Educational online picture database. Students can use the materials provided for seminar or other papers.

In concrete terms, students, teachers and employees of the university are allowed to make 30 free downloads per month at Colourbox and use them for research and teaching.

Publication of works using material from Colourbox in the Internet is only allowed under the provision that only members of the university can access it (e.g. by protection with a password). The use of these pictures in social media channels as well as on websites that can be accessed by the public is excluded.

The personal access to Colourbox must be renewed every year. The valid education code valid to 1 September 2019 is: 2256301089112. Access the page enter the new code and click “send”.

All information on the registration and use of Colourbox   

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