„Besser Kaffee­tschln“ mit umwelt­freund­lichem Mehrweg­becher

Less Waste – Project “BESSER KAFFEETSCHLN” (better coffee breaks) in INNSBRUCK

The increasing numbers of coffee to-go-cups, which are thrown away after single use only, are a massive waste of resources (energy, water, oil, wood) and pollute our environment

The cooperation project „BESSER KAFFEETSCHLN“ in Innsbruck offers an environmentally- and climate-friendly option.

Every day up to 17,000 coffee-to-go-cups are used in Innsbruck. Stacked up these cups would amount to a “cup-mountain” the size of the Patscherkofel. Unlike the life span of  Innsbruck’s local mountain, a coffee-to-go-cup is used for a mere 15 minutes. Then it lands in the next rubbish bin. Where does all this waste go? To a waste incinerating plant.

It is ironic that though the majority of people vote for more efforts in politics against packaging, half of all globally produced plastic is used for single use products. In Austria alone, 3,000 tons of paper and 2,200 tons of crude oil are used for making coffee-to-go-cups. 32 million kWh of electricity on top of it. Nothing could be further from sustainability.

BesserCup (Foto: Puteanu R.)

To reduce this unnecessary rubbish, the University of Innsbruck, in cooperation with

  • the canteen (Mensa),
  • the Bäcker Ruetz,
  • Baguette (M-Preis),
  • Coffeekult und
  • Brennpunkt

introduces an environmental-friendly multi-use cup for Innsbruck.

„We want to make it possible for all people living in Innsbruck to actively do something to reduce the enormous waste production and opt for sustainable everyday habits.“

says Anna Knorr, employee of the Division of Waste and Resources Management at the Institute of Infrastructure (Faculty of Engineering Sciences).

The multi-use cup by NOWASTE, The BesserCup, will be available at  all branches of the partners from September 2018 onward. It consists of 100% natural materials, is biodegradable and produced in Germany.  With the purchase of the BesserCup one saves not only acquisition and disposal costs, but also money. The first filling of the BesserCup is free and on every further filling one gets a 10 Cent discount at all partners. This way it is possible in Innsbruck to have better coffee breaks and enjoy “besser Kaffeetschln”.

Where to discard  waste?!?

Area-wide provision of waste collection stations for separately collecting glass, plastic, metal, paper and residual waste is part of the university’s waste management. With the help of every single person it is possible to increase the share of collected materials such as glass, plastic, metals and paper, which should be recycled without fail. Please also use the possibility to collect your waste separately in your private lives.

Waste is not supposed to be discarded in the lecture hall!

Which is why bin systems (3 or 5 bins each) for separating waste have been placed in this area. For the empty beverage can to be disposed into the metal bin and the empty pen into the residual waste bin we have added pictographs on the respective bin lids to assist you in selecting the correct bin.

5er-Trennsysteme mit Piktogrammen und Plakat im Hörsaalbereich BI-Gebäude

Abb. 1: 5-module system with pictographs and poster in the lecture hall area of the BI-building (Photo: Schneider I., Wörle A.)


  • Piktogramm Kunststoff und Verpackungen
  • Piktogramm Restmüll
  • Piktogramm Papier
  • Piktogramm Metalle
  • Piktogramm Altglas

Abb. 2: Pictographs on the bin lids to aid correct disposal of your waste



More information on the waste disposal logistics and waste management at the University of Innsbruck can be found on the university’s website of the Unit for Building and Infrastructure   

An overview of research foci of the field of waste and resource management is available at the website of the Institute of Infrastructure, the Unit of Environmental Engineering, Waste and Resources Management  

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