TeilnehmerInnen an der 2017 European University Championships

2017 European University Championships

Studying athletes at the University of Innsbruck have successfully participated in the European University Championships 2017!



The teams under the direction of coach Mrs. Dr. Mag. Ulrike Benko have excelled with their performances and could win the Bronze medal at the men’s event, closely missing another medal with the 4th place in the women’s event.

Bronze medal men’s team:
Manuel BELLUTTI, Daniel GEIB and Patrick OFNER

4th place women’s team:
Katharina KNÖBL, Nathalie MARTERER, Alena WEISS



The Taekwondo team of the University of Innsbruck won 5 medals in Coimbra/ Portugal.

Ambach Elisa -62kg (duel)


  • Schönegger Christina -53kg (duel)
  • Bitschnau Claudia -57kg (duel)
  • Andric Andreas -63kg (duel)
  • Reimeir Benjamin -74kg (duel)

Women’s football


The team of the University of Innsbruck reached the 10th rank (2 won and 3 lost games) in Porto/ Portugal.

Coach, Mrs. Dr. Mag. Elena Pocecco, could also receive the honours Fair Play Award.

Women’s football team of the University of Innsbruck:

Lena Oberperfler, Manuela Jüstel, Tamara Hülser, Laura Wieland, Anna Katharina Trugenberger, Ciara Norbach, Giuana Prugger, Teresa Brückner, Clara Haugg, Julia Winkler, Lisa Appel, Anna Gmeiner, Joanna Briese, Maria Elisabeth Holzknecht, Elena Pocecco (coach).

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