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Rent Allowance | First semester students: welcome package, tutorials and first-semester-students' parties | ÖH-flea market at the end of the semester

Rent Allowance

Many of you will already have heard that the local government of Innsbruck have decided on a 3-year “qualifying-period” to be entitled to receive rent allowance. This new regulation is very tough for some of the students, because even if the landlords often simply added this allowance to the rent and contributed to an increase in rent levels, students are still bound to their contracts. Many feel left in the lurch by this speedy action from the side of the town government. As ÖH Innsbruck it was important to us not only to support a halting of the introduction of this new regulation but to also demand improvements. We managed to convince the town to set up a sponsorship basket for students who have been hit hard and the regulations are presently being worked on. The town and the province also want to meet the requests of the ÖH to build about 1,500 flats specifically for students in the next five years.  We won’t give up and will do all we can to find the best possible solution for you. In case of questions you can contact us online or personal anytime in the Josef Josef Hirn Straße 7.

First semester students:
welcome package, tutorials & first-semester-students’ parties

5,000 first-semester students enjoy extensive service for assistance: From 14 to 19 September, the ÖH studies’ advising service offers workshops, in which first-semester students are informed on the best way to create their time-tables and to avoid administrative stumbling blocks. Between 26 September and 1 October the traditional tutorials for first-semester students take place at the different faculties. Moreover, first-timer bags – cloth bags filled with useful information and goodies - are distributed in the secretary’s office and in the student representatives’ offices. And since you shouldn’t miss out on fun, the legendary ÖH first-semester party (in the Hafen VAZ) with many specials takes place on the 18 October.

ÖH-flea market at the end of the semester

On 16 June 2016 the ÖH Innsbruck held a flea market in the café of the University Parish (Josef-Hirn-Straße), where students could cheaply buy and sell furniture, clothes, books and a lot more without having to pay a fee for the stall. From students for students. Although it was during the World Football Championships the cafè was crowded. Due to huge demand – especially from Ersasmus students - the flea market will be repeated in 2016/17.


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