Plakat mit der Aufschrift  Richtiges Mülltrennen?! Uni Tren(nt)dAt the University of Innsbruck there have been waste collection areas for separately collecting glass, plastic, metal, paper and non-recyclable waste for several years. The setting up of collection areas all over the university is part of the university’s waste management concept, which aims at sustainability and cost reduction.

Where to put the waste?!?

Lecture halls are no places for waste!

To reduce work and the routes to the next waste collection area bin systems with 3 or 5 bins have been installed at different locations around the university.

For the empty energy can to really end up in the metal bin and the empty pen in the non-recyclable waste bin, pictographs have been added to the bin systems to facilitate the process of throwing the waste into the respective waste modules.

Throwing all of the waste together into the “big bin” is as much work as putting it separately into the respective section of the collection container!

In this sense we would like to ask you for your active support by integrating and implementing waste separation into your everyday life at university – and of course also in your private life!

5er-Trennsysteme mit Piktogrammen und Plakat im Hörsaalbereich BI-Gebäude (Foto: Schneider I., Wörle A.)

Abb. 1: 5-bin-separation-system with pictograph and poster in the lecture hall area of the BI-Building
(Photo: Schneider I., Wörle A.)

Piktogramme als Einwurfhilfen auf den Trennmodulen: Kunststoff und VerpackungenPiktogramme als Einwurfhilfen auf den Trennmodulen: RestmüllPiktogramme als Einwurfhilfen auf den Trennmodulen: Papier
Piktogramme als Einwurfhilfen auf den Trennmodulen: MetallePiktogramme als Einwurfhilfen auf den Trennmodulen: Altglas

Abb. 2: Pictographs on the separation modules to assist in putting your waste into the correct module

Pictographs on the separation modules to assist in putting your waste into the correct module:

More information on the topics of waste disposal logistics and waste management at the University of Innsbruck are provided on the website of the university’s Service Unit for Buildings and Infrastructure in the “Information/Quick Navigation” section.

Uni Tren(nt)d

Plakat eines Studierenden „UNI Tren(nt)d“

Within the scope of the course “Waste Treatment and Disposal Technology”, data was collected on the current use of the waste collection infrastructure and the waste separation behaviour of students and employees on the Campus Technik.

Waste sorting analysis and two rounds of written surveys were conducted at the beginning and at the end of the semester.

It was discovered that participants were dealing more consciously with the challenge in their private environment than at the university. The sorting analysis revealed that plastic materials in particular were being disposed of incorrectly.

Therefore, up to 68m% of plastic ended up in the non-recyclable waste and up to 43m% in the paper collection bins. The results of the first survey and the sorting analysis were used by the participating students for developing and information campaign with posters and information flyers. Another visible result is the pictographs, which have been added to the lids of the recyclable goods systems. An overview as well as detailed information on the separation of the different types of waste can be found on the link for the Abfallwirtschaft Tirol Mitte GmbH

More information: Institute for Infrastructure, Field of environmental technologies, waste and resources management.

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