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Universitätshauptgebäude im Hintergrund Davor Schriftzug: Aufnahmeverfahren Studienjahr 2015/2015Admission Procedures for the Academic Year of 2015/2016

Since 2013 there have been multi-stage admission processes for first-time students for some study programmes based on legal regulations. Students and persons interested in studying, who want to be admitted to the respective study programme for the first time, have to register on the portal of LFU:online in advance … more »»

Studierende mit BuchNumerous changes for the STEOP as of 31.12.2015

Since the 2011/2012 winter semester students, who have been admitted for a bachelor’s or diploma programme for the first time, have to pass a Studies Induction and Orientation stage (STEOP)* … more »»

Symbolbild: mehrere WeltkugelnInternational Experience as Career Jump

The University of Innsbruck with more than 300 European and non-European partners, is perfectly linked to partner institutions all over the world to the benefit of our students and researchers. Consequently, there are numerous study places available again in Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America for the summer semester of 2016 and the winter semester … more »» (Foto: ©istockphoto.com)

Plakat mit der Aufschrift  Richtiges Mülltrennen?! Uni Tren(nt)dWaste Separation at the University of Innsbruck

At the University of Innsbruck there have been waste collection areas for separately collecting glass, plastic, metal, paper and non-recyclable waste for several years. The setting up of collection areas all over the university is part of the university’s waste management concept, which aims at sustainability and cost reduction … more »»

Hand von einem Erwachsenen und  Audit – University and Family – Compatibility of Studying and Family

The University of Innsbruck considers the compatibility of studying and family of major importance for the satisfaction of the students. To learn more about the living conditions and needs of those students who have the responsibility of looking after children, a survey was conducted within the scope of a diploma thesis … more »»

Mensch sitzt am Boden und liest"How can I stay on track with my studies without losing the plot?"

Free workshops by the Psychological Counselling Services for Students on topics concerning students, e.g. preparation for examinations – exam nerves – study-life-balance – finishing your studies … more »»

Daumen hoch und Daumen runter Symbol auf TastaturCourse Analysis for the Academic Year of 2015/16

Once again in the 2015/2016 academic year n, the compulsory and university-wide course analysis is carried out at all faculties. Students have the opportunity to give their lecturers a feedback on the implementation and design of their course. Information on aspects such as content, structure of the course, imparting of the contents, or degree of difficulty is collected … more »»

Symbolbild SchülerInnen ©istockphoto.comConsideration of pertinent prior learning for your study programme

Pertinent same-level knowledge acquired at secondary vocational schools (BHS) and Higher Institutions for Teacher and Educator Training should be recognised for study programmes to a higher degree. For this purpose the University of Innsbruck has initiated a project in cooperation with the province, other Tyrolean Higher Education Institutions and the Tyrolean … more »»

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