Hand von einem Erwachsenen und  The University of Innsbruck considers the compatibility of studying and family of major importance for the satisfaction of the students. To learn more about the living conditions and needs of those students who have the responsibility of looking after children, a survey was conducted within the scope of a diploma thesis.

108 students took part in the investigation; one half of the respondents had children of more than six years of age. The results showed that the main challenge for students with children was child-care, in relation to time, cost and also studying. Extraordinary organisational efforts were required, e.g. absence of a carer, were also mentioned.

The results of the survey were introduced to the different departments and responsible persons, and consultations on possible adjustments and improvements took place. This concerns the access to information and the organisation of the study programmes, but also the networking between students with children to look after.

The University of Innsbruck offers various options, e.g.

  • Children’s Office with information offers
  • Child-care during holiday times for children of employees and students
  • Holiday programme by  the Young University
  • Flexible child-care for children from 6 months to 10 years on an hourly basis
  • Waiver of the study fee for pregnant students or students with children to look after, who live in the same household (to the age of 7)
  • ÖH advice "Studying with Children"

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