Symbolbild: mehrere WeltkugelnThe University of Innsbruck with more than 300 European and non-European partners, is perfectly linked to partner institutions all over the world to the benefit of our students and researchers. Consequently, there are numerous study places available again in Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America for the summer semester of 2016 and the winter semester of 2016/2017.

The International Relations Office of the University of Innsbruck coordinates the different mobility programmes such as Erasmus+ or the so-called Joint Study Programmes. Within the scope of these students can pass a one- to two-semester long stay at a partner university and apply for financial support to do so.

Moreover, part of the research for diploma and master theses and dissertations can be conducted abroad. There are also several grants available for these projects as well. The International Relations Office is happy to provide you with the respective information.

Fortunately an increasing number of students from the University of Innsbruck decide on a stay abroad. The reasons are obvious, since in many sectors international experience has in the meantime become a requirement. . This concerns not only foreign language skills, but also contact and communication skills to an increasing extent. These so-called “social skills” are better promoted and trained in new and exceptional situations, in foreign surroundings, where one is on one’s own. These exceptional situations require a certain openness to approach other persons, to communicate and to put oneself into the position of others.

Studies reveal that not only in economy, university graduates with experience abroad have better chances of getting a job. Also in technical professions great emphasis is placed on the already mentioned “social skills”. In a time marked by increasing internationalisation and networking, we have on the one hand an increasing multicultural workforce in the home country, and on the other hand many work projects and orders taking place abroad. Therefore employees are needed who are able to adjust to new situations and who are flexible and open.

Should you be interested in a stay abroad, the team of the International Relations Office is happy to help you in the realisation of your plan.


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