Symbolbild SchülerInnen ©istockphoto.comPertinent same-level knowledge acquired at secondary vocational schools (BHS) and Higher Institutions for Teacher and Educator Training should be recognised for study programmes to a higher degree. For this purpose the University of Innsbruck has initiated a project in cooperation with the province, other Tyrolean Higher Education Institutions and the Tyrolean Conference for Higher Education.

It should be made easier for graduates of secondary vocational schools (BHS) to decide for a study programme. Graduates of a Commercial College for example can receive recognition for some courses for the Diploma Programme in Law. For the Bachelor Programmes in Management and Economics and Business Law resp. as well as for the Diploma Programme in International Economic and Business Studies, they can register for the examinations taken in the two modules “Introduction to Management” and “Introduction to Economics” without having to attend the respective course.

A newly set up website gives information on the possible recognition of pertinent prior learning for the individual study programmes of the University of Innsbruck and other Tyrolean Higher Education Institutions.

The website is continuously updated:

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