Frau die eine Kraftübung am Boden ausführtThe University Sports Institute (USI) offers approximately 500 sports courses for students, graduates and university staff in the 2014/15 winter semester. The courses listed below are meant to inspire you to do some exercise and to visit the completely redesigned USI-website.

NEW: High-Intensity Power & Endurance Training

High-intensity, functional full-body training in a group! Pure action – sweat-inducing – motivating – completely exhausting!

60 minutes – a MIX of Olympic weightlifting, power lifting, bodyweight training, gymnastics and endurance sports (e.g. rowing or running). The training can be individually adjusted to every participant and is thus suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced athletes.

With warm up stretching and strengthening exercises the body is prepared for the upcoming training. Then more complex techniques like e.g. “muscle-up” or “kipping pull-up” are practised. The main part is dedicated to the HIT training. The stress period ranges from 5 to 20 minutes, but the intensity is always the same. At the end of the training the skeletal and muscular system is relaxed with stretching or muscle rolling resp.

No.: 129
 High-Intensity Power & Endurance Training (Zerz Florian)
Time/Location: Mon 4.00 p.m. - 5.00 p.m. / H 5
Costs: Students: 30,00 € | Staff: 45,00 € | Others: 60,00 €

NEU: Preventive Power & Endurance Training

Who has never experienced annoying back pains after long learning sessions??
Here we exercise systematically and with motivating music to prevent these back pains! Exercises are simple, most without any equipment, fantastically sweat-inducing – and perfect for shaping the body ;). With this stabilisation training you will also get more energy for everyday life and other hobbies.

No.: 154
 Preventive Power & Endurance Training (Seeber Michaela)
Time/Location: FR 6.30 p.m. - 7.30 p.m. / H 8
Costs: Students: 20,00 € | Staff: 30,00 € | Others: 40,00 €

Ski Mountaineering, Snow and Avalanche Awareness

Risk management for ski mountaineers and snowboarders! This course aims at giving you a perception of the complexity of the processes that take place in the snow cover in the course of a winter and that can result in avalanche accidents. With descriptive material, pictures, accident analysis and most importantly the practical days in the open terrain, you will find out that we are not able to understand and assess the system of the snow cover to a 100%. That is why strategic action is required. We will introduce you to the currently approved risk management strategies that you can then use in practice on your last ski mountaineering day of the course. Practical exercises with the emergency equipment (avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe) and correct behaviour in case of an avalanche are other important contents of the course. Organisation and training by certified mountain and ski guides. Rental equipment is available on request. You should be a good off-piste skier and have some stamina!

No.: 798
Course: Ski Mountaineering, Snow and Avalanche Awareness (Kosz und Rössler)
Time/Location: 12.2014/01.2015 Near Innsbruck
Costs: Students: 140,00 € | Staff: 150,00 € | Others: 160,00 €

Ice Climbing

Maybe you have already heard of the fascination of climbing on frozen waterfalls. In our courses we introduce you to the special equipment. Secured by a rope from the top you can learn how to climb on ice stress-free. Making your belay station, belaying techniques, setting up a belay system and retreating possibilities are further contents of the course.

No.: 856
Course: Ice Climbing (Langes Christoph / Veneri Luca)
Time/Location: 17./18.01.2015 Tiroler Oberland
Costs: Students: 117,00 € | Staff: 140,00 € | Others: 168,00 €


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