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Open end knowledge

Having completed a study programme or another training does not mean this is the end of it!

The employment market is looking for experts and people with a large professional network.  To face up to new challenges, to develop further and to continue to learn is a chance for young professionals, but also for the experienced.

The continuing education at the University of Innsbruck supports the advancement of acquired knowledge and the making of a name for oneself in the world of work – for an open end knowledge!

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Neu as of 2019

  • Continuing Education Programme (ULG): Data Science (MDS)
    Duration 4 semesters, 90 ECTS-Credits, Cost €7,000 excl. ÖH-free 

  • University Course: Designing Future Realities
    Duration March – May 2020, 3 x 10 ECTS-Credits (altogether 30 ECTS-Credits), Cost €9,000 with the possibility of a grant

  • University Course: Parallelization, Optimization and Debugging in High Performance Computing
    Duration 3 days, 1 ECTS-Credit, Cost €300, takes place in September 2019

  • University Course: "Das Recht des öffentlichen Auftragswesens in Südtirol"
    Duration 1 semester at 13 ECTS-Credits, Cost €1,600, Start beginning of September 2019

Other Interesting Formats starting in winter semester 2019/20


We appreciate your interest!
The University Continuing Education Team

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