Denise Dingsleder und Julian Kienreich

Gold and silver for students of the University of Innsbruck at the Winter Universiade in Russia

Denise Dingsleder and Julian Kienreich from the University of Innsbruck won the gold medal in the Alpine Skiing Team Competition of the Olympic Winter Games for Students in the Russian Krasnojarsk. Denise Dingsleder won also two silver medals in the Super Giant Slalom and the Slalom and comes back home with three Olympic medals.

The 29th Winter Universiade took place in Krasnojarsk in Siberia from 2n to 12 March. With around 3,000 participants from over 50 nations, the Winter Universiade is the world’s largest multi-sport event after the Winter Olympics. Overall, Austria was represented in Russia with 25 athletes, who won a total of six medals.

Particularly successful was Denise Dingsleder from the University of Innsbruck, who can bring back three medals, one gold medal in the Alpine Skiing Team Competition and two silver medals in the Super Giant Slalom and the Slalom. Dingsleder was educated at the Skigymnasium Stams and is currently studying Translation Studies at the University of Innsbruck. Julian Kienreich, who studies Geography at the University of Innsbruck, won also Gold with the Austrian Alpine Skiing Team.

“We congratulate Denise Dingsleder and Julian Kienreich to their medals”, says Rector Tilmann Märk. “It is really gratifying that so many students of the University of Innsbruck participated in the competitions in Krasnoyarsk. This underlines the importance of winter sports for our students.”

TAM – Tirolean Academic Masters with a Record Number of Participants


TAM Disc Golf:

1. Margit Forcher
2. Willy Denker
3. Rouven Maue

In the summer semester of 2019 the University of Innsbruck’s Sport Institute organises altogether 8 Tyrolean Academic Masters (TAM) with a record number of participants. Already successfully completed have been the TAM Beach Volleyball with 24 teams and the TAM Disc Golf with 32 participants. Ongoing are the TAM Football Field, which with 19 teams with more than 400 participants is the biggest TAM at the USI Innsbruck.

In June 2019 the TAM Sports Shooting, the TAM Beach Volleyball Mixed, the TAM Racketlon and the TAM Spike Ball await the interested and enthusiastic students, graduates and personnel of all universities, colleges, universities of applied science and academies. Registration for the TAM takes place via the USI homepage under the tab “Wettkämpfe”

TAM Beach Volleyball 2019


3. Cisera/Limbach

1. Graf/Graf
2. Bartenbach/Münzker
3. Hollaus/Feichter

Stefanie and Jana Graf in the women's singles and Thomas Krestan and Julian Prantl in the men's singles were able to elect themselves as the 2019 Tyrolean Academic Champions at the USI area this weekend. Both teams will represent USI Innsbruck at the UAM Championships in Klagenfurt at the end of May 2019.

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