Quality Assurance

Comprehensive course analysis in the summer semester of 2021

The course analysis (LVS) gives students at the University of Innsbruck the opportunity to give their instructors feedback on their courses. The students’ satisfaction with the content and structure of the course, the teaching and the preparation of the matter taught, the time required and the information regarding performance evaluation are queried. One group of questions deals specifically with the implementation of the virtual teaching, which has become very important due to the changed teaching methods in the past two semesters.

While the course analysis was conducted on a voluntary basis in the summer semester 2020 and the winter semester 2020/21, a comprehensive survey covering all faculties and study programmes in the summer semester 2021 will now be compulsory. The aim is to achieve comprehensive feedback for the lecturers and to obtain an overall picture of the quality of the implementation of the courses in order to further develop and improve the teaching.

It is important that as many people as possible participate. The student feedback significantly contributes to highlighting potential in the courses and to initiating adjustments. In addition to the results from the standardised scale questions, the written comments in particular contribute to impart the students’ impressions from the course to the lecturers. With the newly acquired EvaSys evaluation software, these comments are automatically added to the reports for the instructors.  

Therefore, we kindly ask you to take the time to conscientiously fill in the course analysis.

The results serve not only to improve the courses, but they are also part of the personal evaluations of the instructors, in which the performance of the previous five years are checked.

Students too, can access the results of the course analysis. After approval by the lecturer, the results reports can be viewed online in LFU:online.

More information on the topic of course analysis and quality assurance for teaching can be found on the website www.uibk.ac.at/qs-lehre/ .

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