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The semester break is at our doorstep – if you want to use this time to continue your education online, the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is an ideal opportunity to do so

Two MOOCs, developed with the Department for Digital Media and Learning Technologies by the ZID, are offered on the platform:

Limnology-Ecology of Water –Dr. Roland Psenner and Dr. Birgit Sattler from the Institute of Ecology address the fundamental characteristics of the element water and the aquatic environment. They explain the most important relationships between the environment and organisms while also discussing threats and solutions to these problems.

#MekoMOOC19 – Media Competence in Teaching: The contents are highly practice-oriented. On the basis of many examples, media competence and application scenarios of new media in teaching, the related didactic challenges, as well as the areas of media informatics, media law and media impact are dealt with.


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