New at the ULB Tirol library: one work place to access the ORF-archives since 1955

At the University and Provincial Library of the Tyrol (ULB Tirol) a satellite station of the ORF-archives has been launched.

This way students can  benefit from direct access to the extensive media archives of the ORF on site. It also includes all material broadcasted since 1955.

After having installed the first ORF-archives satellite station at the Institute for Contemporary History at the University of Vienna in 2011, the second satellite station has been opened at the University of Innsbruck. The ORF, in cooperation with the University and Provincial Library of the Tyrol, now makes its TV archives accessible to science in the western part of Austria as well: For the first time, members of the University of Innsbruck can benefit from access to  all materials broadcasted since 1955. This way the ORF supports students and researchers in their scientific research on media- and contemporary history-related topics, for which the ORF-archives are an important source.

ORF-archives manager Herbert Hayduck: “The research station at the University and Provincial Library of the Tyrol enables direct access to approx. six million database documents of the ORF archives and the respective preview media . This is a direct access to one of the most important source collections of Austrian contemporary history for scientific use of all kinds – as a virtual bridge between science and ORF; audio visual documents are directly available for research to students and lecturers. The five years of experience with such a satellite station at the University of Vienna have resulted in varied cooperation projects between scientific research and ORF and similar interconnectedness is now also possible in Innsbruck.”

The ORF has already digitalised 40% of its total 300,000 hours of video materials. Every day approx. 100 hours of current audio- and video material is added. At the moment the users in Innsbruck have one work place at their disposal. By prior booking at the information office of the library and signature of a user agreement it can be used for research.


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