Admission examination to prove the sporting aptitude for the
Secondary School Teacher Training Programme Physical Education

Please refer to the regulations regarding the admission procedure for teacher training programs.


If you are interested in the Subject Physical Education, please note the following general conditions:


Electronic registration and payment of the handling fee
1st July to 5th August 2023.

  1. Registration for admission procedure before admission.
  2. Enter your data into the system, pay the handling fee and register for the Subject Physical Education.
  3. After you have completed the registration you can print your confirmation of registration.

Online application 1st July to 19th August 2023.

  1. As soon as you have registered for the subject physical education and paid the fee, you are eligible to apply for this programme via LFU:online. The application documents must be uploaded by 19th August 2023.


We ask that those applicants who require special aid or assistance (e.g., severe visual impairment, hearing aids, barrier-free access, other physical and mental impairments) contact the Department of Sport Science no later than August 19th, 2023, so that we may make the necessary arrangements. To do so, send a medical specialist's certificate directly to:

Completion of registration 1st July to 19th August 2023.

1. After you have registered for the Subject Physical Education, paid the fee and applied online, you complete your registration by submitting the mandatory medical certificate to the Institute of Sport Science.

2. You will find the template for the medical certificate and an online form for submitting the certificate directly on the homepage of the Institute of Sport Science.

Admission examination

Information about the procedure of the admission examination and about the submission of the obligatory medical certificate can be found directly on the homepage of the Department of Sport Science

If you have any question, please contact

Information about the Curriculum will be published in the study profile.
The guideline of the admission procedure can be found in the University of Innsbruck Bulletin from
June 13rd, 2023, Issue 49, No. 279
If you have any questions, please contact us at: or   +43 512 507-37008

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