Interview with a graduate - Psychology
Walburga Köchl

Completed program of study at the University of Innsbruck/year of graduation:
Psychology, propaedeutic studies in psychotherapy, zoology (non-degree)

What is your current profession? In brief, what are your responsibilities?
From 1975 to 2009, I was a high school science teacher. Since 2004, I have been working in private practice as a psychotherapist, clinical and health psychologist and mediator.

To what extent does your current profession relate to your degree program?
My current and former work would not have been possible without it. I learned a lot about my field and feel that it enriched me personally.

How did your working life get started after you finished your degree?
Easily! The many internships made the transition smooth and seamless.

What advice would you give students, especially those at the beginning of their degree programs?
To choose a field of study that really interests you – regardless of the economic situation or external factors. 

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