Bachelor's Programme
Sports Management
- As of the 2015/16 winter semester no more students are admitted to the programme 

 University: University of Innsbruck

 Faculty: Faculty of Psychology and Sport Science

 Educational institution: Handelsakademie



Courses of the Curriculum Bachelor's Programme Sports Management (old curriculum) in the version of 27 April 2007

Transferable ECTS - Credits

Qualification gained at the educational institution

Module no. 2 a, b, c und d: Introduction to Economics


a) Fundamentals of Business Administration:
Introduction to business administration: terminology, critical decisions, business management; operating and financial processes, accounting

b) Fundamentals of Economics:
Introduction to economics: fundamental economic facts, classification of the field (microeconomics,
macroeconomics, finance)

c) Fundamentals of Mathematics:
Mathematics as the basis of a bachelor’s programme in economics: fundamentals of calculus, matrices, optimization and finance mathematics

d) Fundamentals of Bookkeeping and Accounting:
Bookkeeping as the basis of a bachelor’s programme in economics: double-entry accounting, development and systematics of balancing, profit and loss


School leaving certificate, HAK

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