Bachelor's Programme

 University: University of Innsbruck

 Faculty: Faculty of Biology

 Educational institution: Höhere Technische Lehranstalt für Chemieingenieurwesen



Courses of the Curriculum Bachelor's Programme Biology in the version of 1 October 2014

 Transferable ECTS - Credits

Qualification gained at the educational institution

Compulsory module 1:
Basics I

VO General and Inorganic Chemistry

Fundamental principles of atoms, molecules and ions; electronic structure of atoms; basic concepts of chemical bonds; characteristics of solutions; acid-base balance.


School leaving certificate, HTL Chemieingenieurwesen1

Supplementary examination in biology and environmental sciences

 Supplemental examination in biology and environmental sciences is required before admission to the study programme if this subject was not completed satisfactorily with at least 10 credit hours at a higher-level secondary school ("Oberstufe").    School leaving certificate, HTL (for some HTL educational directions since school year 2011/12; since school year 2015/16 ascending for all HTL educational directions)

For more information please contact the respective Exams Office.

1according to syllabus BGBl. II - Ausgegeben am 17. September 2015 - Nr. 262; BGBl. II - Ausgegeben am 7. September 2011- Nr. 300 und Anlage SV2013