Bachelor's Programme 
Radiological Technology

 University of Applied Sciences: Health University of Applied Sciences Tyrol

 Educational institution: HTL Anichstraße | HBLA



Specifications of the curriculum for the bachelor degree programme Radiologic Technology

Transferable ECTS-Credits

Qualification gained at the educational institution

Physical-Technical Fundamentals of Medical Physics

GMP1V – Fundamentals of Medical Physics

  • Mathematical foundations of medical physics (trigonometric functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, intercept theorem, Fourier)
  • Waves (mechanical and electromagnetic)
  • Optics, electricity, magnetism, nuclear and atomic physics (atomic models – atomic structure, nomenclature, nucleus / shell, spin …)
Introduction to measuring technology (electronics, conductors / semiconductors …)


School leaving certificate, HTL Innsbruck, Anichstraße (Austria)

Fundamentals of Medical Physics

UEP1U – Exercises in Medical Physics

  • Exercises in medical physics – consolidation of lecture content through individual calculation exercises in the above mentioned content matter: mathematics, waves and optics, electricity, magnetism, nuclear and atomic physics


School leaving certificate, HTL Innsbruck, Anichstraße (Austria)

Fundamentals of Medicine

HYG1V – Hygiene

Introduction to

  • epidemiology
  • Infection hygiene, bacteriology, virology, parasitology
  • Infection prevention measures (disinfection, sterilisation, personal hygiene, vaccinations)
  • Handling of wounds and drainages
  • Hospital hygiene: tasks, hygiene measures
  • Handling of medical devices and materials
  • Measures to contain and prevent nosocomial infections                          
  • Waste management in the medical field of environmental hygiene, food hygiene


School-leaving certificate, HBLA Innsbruck (Austria)

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