Univ. Ass.
Mag. Thomas Josef Lagg

Institut für Strafrecht, Strafprozessrecht
und Kriminologie
Innrain 52, A-6020 Innsbruck

Telefon: +43-512-507-80821
Fax: +43-512-507-80999
E-Mail: thomas.lagg@uibk.ac.at


1.   Professional Positions – full-time employment:


03/2006 – 07/2013


7 years, 4 months


Head of Legal Department

CEO KR Ing. Dr. Gerhard Schwaiger

Chairman Banking and Insurance, Chamber of Commerce, Tyrol

Award of attorney

Volksbank Tirol AG, http://www.volksbank-tis.at

Not-listed joint-stock company

Number of employees: 200 (approx.)

09/2004 – 02/2006


1 year, 6 months

Risk Manager: credit and legal


Volksbank Tirol AG, http://www.volksbank-tis.at




2.   Professional Positions – part-time employment:


10/2014 – today



University Assistant

University of Innsbruck, Faculty of Law

Department of Criminal Law, Procedure and Criminology

09/2012 – 07/2013

10 months

Managing Director

 Volksbank Immobilien GmbH

Branch: Real Estate

09/2012 – 07/2013

10 months

Managing Director

Volksbank Tirol Versicherungsservice GmbH

Branch: Insurance Broker

01/2010 – 07/2013


3 years, 5 months

Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) &

Standard Compliance Code (SCC) Officer

Volksbank Tirol AG, http://www.volksbank-tis.at

Accredited at the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA)

Responsibility: entire staff and customer stock

03/2006 – 07/2013

7 years, 4 months

Managing Director

Meinhardgarage GmbH & Co KG

Branch: Facility Management




3.   Professional Positions – project management:


01/2010 – 07/2013


3 years, 6 months

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Development Team:

„AML & SCC-Data-Warehouse and Data-Screening“

Allgemeines Rechenzentrum GmbH, http://www.arz.co.at

Application Service Provider of Volksbanks & private banks

Number of employees: 460 (approx.)

Branch: Information Technology

02/2007 – today

6 years, 7 months

Expert Lay Judge for Labour and Social Law

Court of Appeals Innsbruck (Judge Senate Dr. Klaus Götsch)

09/2005 – 11/2005

3 months

Legal Consultant

Volksbank Salzburg e.G., http://www.volksbanksalzburg.at

Österreichische Volksbanken AG, http://www.volksbank.com

Österreichischer Genossenschaftsverband (Schulze-Delitzsch)

Branch: Bank, Financial Services




4.   Internships:


04/2003 – 12/2003

9 months

Legal Intern

District Court, Court of Appeals Innsbruck

Departments: Civil Law, Non-Contentious Law and

Appeals Senate in Criminal Law (Senate Dr. Beatrix Kiechl)

08/2001 – 10/2001


2 months


Trade Commissioner Dr. Christoph Grabmayr

Foreign Trade Center Montréal, Québec, Canada

Austrian Chamber of Commerce, http://portal.wko.at




5.   Education:


1983 – 1987

Elementary School Reutte

1987 – 1991

High School Reutte

1991 – 1996


Academy of Commerce Reutte

Graduation with Excellence

Elective: Information Technology

1997 – 2008
























Leopold-Franzens-University (Innsbruck)

Université de Bourgogne (Dijon, France)

A) Faculty of Law:

    Diploma of European Law and Law of Supranational Organisations

    Participant of EL§A Moot-Court (http://www.elsa.org/)

    Language Training Université de Bourgogne, Dijon

Master Thesis in Commercial Law:

“Barriers and effects of syndicates in corporate law“

Magister iuris

Diploma Business Law


International Tax Crimes and Proceedings


B) Faculty of Economics & Business Administration:

  1. Special BA: Banking & Finance:
                       Univ.-Prof. Dr. Matthias Bank, CFA
  2. Special BA: Finance:
                       Univ.-Prof. Dr. Klaus Schredelseker
  3. Special BA: ERP-Systems (SAP R/3):
                       Univ.-Prof. Dr. Kurt Promberger


Master Thesis, Institute for Administration Management:

„Business Intelligence as the basis of risk-oriented overall bank management under Basel II“


Diploma Real Estate Agent (§ 117 GewO) 

Diploma “Bilanzbuchhalter”/Certified Accountant (BiBuG)





6.   Additional Qualifications:



     English (business fluent)

     French (high level):
- Diplôme de Francais de l’Université de Bourgogne (2000)
- Attestation de Réussite: accès direct au D.A.L.F. (2001)

    Spanish (basics)



    SAP R/3, SAP BW:
   -Qualified SAP-User with Excellence (SAP 2006)

   Smaragd/Monitor, Smaragd/CRS, Smaragd/MDS (2010)

  Online-Seminar Social Media & Web 2.0 (2010)

   Business Objects Report Developer (ARZ 2011)


MS-Office 2007 Product-Family:

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, FrontPage, Visio

(in constant use)

Technical Experience:

     installation, supervision and maintenance of a LAN in the International Dorm, 6020 Innsbruck (2000)

Facility Management

  • implementation of court-ordered "administrative injunction" of distraint properties
  • real estate management, Volksbank Tirol AG
  • technical training (toj)
  • Managing Director of a real estate subsidiary
  • Private purchase of a terraced house with many deficiencies and subsequent judicial expert opinions
  • Instruction of judicial experts and participation in local negotiations as well as judicial findings
  • Numerous explanations of building expert opinions

Additional Qualification in Finance

St. Marys Law School, San Antonio, Texas, USA (2014):

     United States International Taxation

    International Business and Trade Law (CISG, Pomerene Act, UCC, ICC Incoterms and UCP)

     Constitution: Equal Protection in Europe and the United States

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management:

     Mandatory protocols of investment advice acc. § 34 WpHG (2010)

    German law of investment adivce and asset consulting (2010)

    German tax law (2010)


Education Volksbank-Group:

    Numerous Seminars and diplomas

    Member of ERFA-Teams „Securities Trading“, „Anti-Money-Laundering“ and „Compliance of the Austrian Cooperative Association (Schulze-Delitzsch)

   Basic training in banking of Volksbank-Academy (2005)


Akademie für Recht, Steuern & Wirtschaft, Wien:

    Certificate Anti-Money-Laundering (ARS 2010)

    Certificate Compliance and MiFID (ARS 2011)




7.   Fields of Interest:



  • European Uniform Private Law
  • securities trading
  • thermal renovation of old buildings
  • Social Media und Web 2.0
  • organisational learning
  • organic growth of companies
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • increased efficiency by Target Costing
  • systems of in-house cost allocation


  • mountaineering
  • chameleons and building of terrariums
  • horticulture and pond construction
  • travels:
    - trekking through the Blue Mountains, Jamaica, 2011
    - Lisbon and world heritage Sintra Gardens, 2010
    - safari in Uda Walawe National-Park, Sri Lanka, 2009
    - round trip Cuba, 2008
    - Yucatan Peninsula & Maya excavation-sites, Mexico, 2006



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