Wellcome to our PhD Course "Econometrics"!!!

All relevant information as well as news or updates can be found on this site.



Please read or download our syllabus which contains important information such as teaching times and locations.


Computer Lab

For our guests: In the computer lab you can log into the computers with the account name cb011075. You will get the password in the first lecture. Hence, you can use the internet and work with the statistical software packages. 


Free rooms

The meeting room of the Department of Public Finance (4th floor, north-west) is reserved for you from Monday till Thursday from 4 till 6 pm. You can work there undisturbed.




Assignment 1 

Assignment 2 and Dataset jtrain.dta / Dataset jtrain.raw and Dataset hprice1.dta / Dataset hprice1.raw

Assignment 3

Assignment 4 and Dataset rental.dta / Dataset rental.raw


Home Assignment

Dataset gpa2.dta / Dataset gpa2.raw, Dataset hprice2.dta / Dataset hprice2.raw and Dataset ceosal1.dta / Dataset ceosal1.raw, Dataset grunfeld.dta / Dataset grunfeld.raw


Assignment 5 and Dataset LakeHuron.dta / Dataset LakeHuron.raw

Assignment 6 and Dataset random.dta / Dataset random.raw

Assignment 7 and Dataset bond.dta / Dataset bond.raw and Dataset house.dta / Dateset house.raw

Assignment 8 and Dataset csi.dta / Dataset csi.raw and Dataset consump.dta / Dataset consump.raw and Dataset dist.dta / Dataset dist.raw






Time Series Analysis chapter 19-22 

Chapter 15-16


Final Exam

The third possibility for the final exam is September 23, 2011.

Innsbruck: Office Janette Walde w3.30, from 9:00 till 10:45

If you want to participate please send me an email.


The final exam is an open book exam.



Old Exams and Solutions





Introduction into STATA (only in German!): Script by Stefan Lang, commands and example data

A very good book is http://www.amazon.de/Microeconometrics-Using-Stata-Adrian-Cameron/dp/1597180483/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books-intl-de&qid=1268117251&sr=8-1


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