International Consultant


Professor J. Charles Alderson

Charles Alderson is Professor of Linguistics and English Language Education in the Department of Linguistics and English Language, Lancaster University, and was Head of Department from 1994 to 1997.

From 1997 to 2001, Charles was co-editor, with Professor Lyle Bachman of UCLA, of the international journal Language Testing, and is co-editor, also with Lyle Bachman, of the Cambridge Language Assessment Series (CLAS), published by Cambridge University Press in which the following books have already appeared:

  • Assessing Reading (Alderson, 2000)
  • Assessing Vocabulary (Read, 2000)
  • Assessing Languages for Specific Purposes (Douglas, 2000)
  • Assessing Listening (Buck, 2001)
  • Assessing Writing (Weigle, 2002)
  • Assessing Speaking (Luoma, 2004)
  • Assessing Grammar (Purpura, 2004)
  • Statistical Analysis for Language Assessment (Bachman, 2004)
  • Assessing Young Learners (McKay, 2006)
  • Assessing Language through Computer Technology (Chapelle and Douglas, 2006)

He is also editor of the series Into Europe , published by the British Council and the Teleki Foundation, Budapest, in which Reading and Use of English (Alderson and Cseresznyés, 2003), The Speaking Handbook (Csépes and Együd), The Writing Handbook (Gyula Tankó) and Listening (Katalin Fehérváryné H. and Karmen Pizorn) have been published.