The following possibilities are available in order to help you to find the right foreign language course at the right level:


Pfeil_orange Alongside the language course prerequisites, there is a short description of the course  objectives and contents (see course details). The descriptions of course objectives are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Course contents are according to topic areas, linguistic and structual Goals.
Pfeil_orange Online placement tests are available for German as a Foreign Language, English, Italian, French and Spanish. The online test consists of reading comprehension, listening comprehension, and multiple choice. The test is easy at the beginning and becomes increasingly more difficult. After submitting the placement test as an electronicdocument, you will promptly receive an analysis of your results and a course recommendation. For your information: We are currently working on further online Placement test in other languages.

The self assessment checklist can help you to assess your language level for those languages which there is at present no online placement test.

Checklists for self-assessment