A new language opens up a new world. The International Language Centre, isi, thus not only offers language courses but also an insight into foreign cultures.

The isi started its country specific programme at the beginning of the 2009/10 academic calendar. A new country (a region), its culture(s) and language(s) will be presented every year. Language and intercultural courses, lectures, readings etc. offer different points of contact with the specific country, its peoples and distinctive characteristics...

The last country specific emphasis took place in the academic year 2015/16.



Country specific emphasis of 2015/16 Fictional Languages
Country specific emphasis of 2014/15 English Speaking Countries
Country specific emphasis of 2013/14 Spain and Latin America
Country specific emphasis of 2012/13 East-Asia
Country specific emphasis of 2011/12 Russia - Language and Culture
Country specific emphasis of 2010/11 The Diversity of Africa
Country specific emphasis of 2009/10 Nordic Languages and Cultures