Michael Chwallam_chwalla

Senior Scientist, IQOQI
PhD 2009, University of Innsbruck



Michael Chwalla


Michael Chwalla’s research is focused on the aspects of precision spectroscopy, optical atomic clocks, and ultra-fast gates using ion trap experiments. Part of this work is influenced by experiments on quantum computation where techniques and advanced methods can be transferred to high-resolution spectroscopy in order to improve the measurement precision or profit from especially designed, decoherence-free states.↵

Selected Publications

  • Absolute frequency measurement of the 40Ca+ 4s 2S1/2-3d 2D5/2 clock transition, M. Chwalla, J. Benhelm, K. Kim, G. Kirchmair, T. Monz, M. Riebe, P. Schindler, A. S. Villar, W. Hänsel, C. F. Roos, and R. Blatt, M. Abgrall, G. Santarelli, G. D. Rovera, P. Laurent, Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 023002 (2009).

  • Precision spectroscopy with two correlated atoms, M. Chwalla, K. Kim, T. Monz, P. Schindler, M. Riebe, C. F. Roos, and R. Blatt, Appl. Phys. B 89, 483 (2007).

  • ‘Designer atoms’ for quantum metrology, C. F. Roos, M. Chwalla, K. Kim, T. M. Riebe, and R. Blatt, Nature 443, 316 (2006).




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