Introductory Course on Ultracold Quantum Gases
Innsbruck, 09-­12 July 2012

Foto: Das Kaliumatom in der Mitte (blau) stößt die kleineren Lithiumatome (gelb) weg. Es entsteht ein komplexer Zustand, der physikalisch als Quasiteilchen beschrieben werden kann. Er verhält sich in verschiedener Hinsicht so wie ein neues Teilchen mit modifizierten Eigenschaften. (Grafik: Harald Ritsch)

including a colloquium of the Innsbruck-Vienna SFB “Foundations and Applications of Quantum Science (FoQuS)”

Francesca Ferlaino and Rudolf Grimm (Univ. Innsbruck and IQOQI) 

Secretary: Michaela Palz, sp-­


Scope of the Course

The short course on 09-12 July 2012 will give a basic introduction into the fascinating research field of cold atoms and ultracold quantum gases, which offers many exciting research opportunities for young researchers. The course is addressed to students early in their master program and does not require any special knowledge on the field besides basic knowledge of quantum physics and atomic, molecular, and optical physics.


Thirteen tutorial lectures given by experts from Innsbruck and Vienna will cover the main topics of the field. The lectures will be augmented by lab visits, social events, and participation at the one-day SFB colloquium on July 12th. The course will start with an informal get-together on July 9th in the evening.

Please find here the preliminary program.


The course addresses to advanced undergraduate students shortly after their BSc degree, in the early stage of their master program. Basic knowledge of quantum physics and atomic, molecular, and optical physics is assumed. The Innsbruck Physics Research Center will be able to sponsor the participation of about 20 external students, supporting their travel and covering local expenses.


Application forms can be downloaded here.

Please fill in and return the form to Ms. Palz, sp-­ before the application deadline of 15 June 2012. The applicants are requested to arrange for a recommendation letter to be sent to us by e-mail by one professor from their home university.

How to reach us

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