Carla Scheytt, M.A.


Dissertation project "Research ethics in qualitative social research. A sociological analysis" (working title)

Research ethics are a central aspect of empirical research in the social sciences. The institutionalization of research ethics review procedures stimulates debate within the discipline. However, research on ethical practice is still rare. The aim of the dissertation project is to empirically explore the research ethical practice of qualitative researchers. The main assumption is that ethical practice is shaped by the chosen qualitative methodology and moreover by the institutionalization of research ethics. The thesis theoretically located in the field of (sociological) science studies and higher education research. As part of the dissertation, interviews with qualitative sociologists and a document analysis will be conducted. The project aims to enrich the debates on research ethics in the social sciences, on reflexive ethical practice, and the sociological research of research practice in social science.

The dissertation is funded by a DOC grant from the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW).

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