22-23.01.21: Invitation to workshop on micro.land.grabbing

Friday, 22nd and Saturday 23nd of January, 12:00-16:00 UTC*  *Brasília/Buenos Aires 9:00-13:00; Berlin/Rome/Vienna 13:00-17:00; Kiev/ Lilongwe/Lusaka 14:00-18:00; Dodoma/Neirobi 15:00-17:00; New Dehli 16:30-20:30; Phnom Penh 18:00-22:00.


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We invite international scientists, local communities, civil society organizations and interested citizens to participate in our interdisciplinary workshop aiming at finding solutions to the problem of micro.land.grabbing. So far, the phenomenon of land grabbing is mainly perceived as a problem of the global south. However, it has become increasingly relevant in the European context, too. Moreover, not only powerful international corporations but often regional and national actors push the commodification of smaller pieces of land little by little. This is what we call “micro land grabbing”. The workshop will focus on these recent observations and deepen the understanding of micro land grabbing as well as develop strategies to face it.

Registration and more details: 
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