Brownbag: From Closed Club to Echo Chamber to Democratic Public Sphere? by Franz Eder and Martin Senn

Tuesday, 28.11.2017, 13.00, BZ POWI
Although diplomats have increasingly come to appreciate the micro-blogging plat- form Twitter, our knowledge of the patterns of its use and its impact on diplomacy are still very limited. In particular, we lack an understanding of whether Twitter facilitates direct communication between diplomats and members of civil society. This article is a first step in uncovering this impact of Twitter on the democratization of diplomacy. It analyzes the case of the Twitter-based communication on the occasion of the 2015 Review Conference and draws on a pool of 72,792 tweets by 20,376 users. The results of the analysis suggest that although Twitter’s impact in the democratization of diplomacy is yet limited, the formerly closed club of diplomacy is breaking up and evolving into a democratic public sphere.
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