Doctoral School

The Doctoral Programme Political Institutions and Leadership in a Contingent World enquires into how political institutions and leadership interact in, and react to, a contingent world. Institutions are the very foundation of organized human coexistence as they provide a framework in which individual and collective actors operate and interact with each other. Yet institutions neither determine the behaviour of actors nor do they remain static. Individual and collective actors, and in particular political leaders as eminently powerful and capable actors, drive things forward by (re)interpreting and challenging institutions and thus also contributing to their evolution or demise. The Programme addresses this nexus between institutions and leadership from an interdisciplinary perspective that integrates Comparative Politics and International Relations and is also open to contributions from neighbouring disciplines such as Sociology, History or Law. 

The Programme and its members are committed to international standards of excellence in scientific research. In particular, they aspire to publish the findings of their research in leading academic journals and with major university presses using rigorous (double-blind) peer review. Therefore, the faculty of the Programme is strongly committed to introducing Doctoral Students to the craft of international academic publishing and international standards in the political and social sciences at the earliest possible stage of their academic careers.

The Programme seeks to include accomplished scholars and Doctoral Students from within the University of Innsbruck and beyond. Interested scholars and students are cordially invited to join the Programme by following the procedures outlined below.

Statute (pdf)

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