Fr. Arokya Swamy, Savariyappan SJ

Fr. Arokya Swamy, Savariyappan SJ, from India after completing masters in Socio-cultural Anthropology at the University of Pune, acquired PhD degree at the University of Innsbruck in Sociology under the guidance of Prof. Welz, in the year 2020. Currently he is the manager of St. Xavier’s College Jaipur and assistant professor in the department of sociology.

Dissertation: Pahari (Mountain) Women: Changing Gender and Caste Relations in the Hill State of Uttarakhand, India
His doctoral thesis was on the role of women in social transformation in the hill state of Uttarakhand, India. In a  patriarchal caste ridden society like India, women’s role is highly crucial to counter caste and gender-based discrimination for a just society; and that is highly possible through the empowerment and capital enhancement  of women. Employing the theory of French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu, he believes and argues that habitus transformation of women eventually leads to structural transformation. 



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