Program Details

Structure of the Program

Basic Structure

The Master's program is offered so as to allow completion within two years. The program consists of 10 modules and a master thesis. The total number of student contact hours is 540. The overall sum of ECTS point for the modules and the Master thesis is 120. Students acquire different kinds of knowledge:

  • Conceptual knowledge focusing on subject matter competencies

  • Methodical and instrumental knowledge focusing on work-relevant, skills-oriented and methodological competencies

  • Reflective knowledge focusing on personal, social and self-competencies



Core Program

The core program consists of four modules to be studied by all participants in the program. Find a detailed description in the Curriculum:

Strategic Management

Students acquire knowledge and skills on how to stimulate the successful evolution of strategy and leadership. They study cases of business leadership, focusing on individuals who form and change their organizations.

Strategic Marketing and Branding

Students appreciate the various concepts of marketing and branding and their impact on strategically managing a business organization. They gain insight into the core tasks to be accomplished in creating brands and the potential contributions of strategic branding to organisational success.

Organizational Behavior

Students learn how to install, lead and maintain processes inside business organizations as well as in their networks of stakeholders. They acquire skills essential for a successful career based on knowledge of dynamics in groups and in organizational settings.

Market Research

Students learn to design a research project. They gain application know-how concerning the most important qualitative and quantitative data analysis techniques.

Elective Courses

Having completed the core program students may choose from a variety of courses related to our research focus on strategic leadership, innovation, and branding, among them: Innovation Management, Customer Insights, Intercultural Brand Building, Services Marketing, International Management, Online Marketing, Sustainability & Natural Resource Management, Entrepreneurship, Creativity & Change Management, Management Accounting, and Human Resource Management.

Master Thesis

The Master Thesis is to be completed in the fourth semester. It offers the student the opportunity to apply acquired knowledge and methods in competent research of strategic management questions .

The topic of the Master thesis must be meaningfully related to the content of a compulsory or elective module completed by the student and should combine empirical questions and conceptual considerations.
Co-operation with companies and non-profit organizations is possible but not a must.


The program starts in October once a year.

In 2017 the Fall semester runs from October 2 to February 3,2018.

In 2018 the Spring semester starts on March 5 and ends on June 6.


Program Faculty

Innsbruck School of Management Faculty

Günther Botschen, Assistant Professor

Johann Füller, Full Professor

Julia Hautz, Assistant Professor

Andrea Hemetsberger, Associate Professor

Hans Hinterhuber, Professor emeritus

Katja Hutter, Assistant Professor

Oliver Koll, Assistant Professor

Kurt Matzler, Full Professor

Andreas Plank, Assistant Professor

Benedikt Schnurr, Assistant Professor

Ursula Scholl-Grissemann, Assistant Professor

Roland Schroll, Assistant Professor

Nicola Stokburger-Sauer, Full Professor

Andreas Strobl, Assistant Professor

Karin Teichmann, Assistant Professor

Eva Thelen, Associate Professor

Visiting Faculty

Robert Schorn, Post-doc Research Fellow

Gianmario Verona, Professor, SDA Bocconi School of Management, Italy

Robert V. Kozinets, Professor, Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto, Canada

Herbert Woratschek, Professor, Universität Bayreuth, Germany

Michael Mirow, Professor, TU Berlin, Germany

Todd Mooradian, Associate Professor, College of William and Mary School of Business, Williamsburg, Virginia, USA

Markus Giesler, Assistant Professor, Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto, Canada

Pietro Beritelli, Professor, Universität St. Gallen


Guest Speakers

Markus Langes-Swarovski, CEO Swarovski

Alexander Gerschbacher, Executive Vice-President Marketing Brauunion Österreich AG

Matthias Lechle, CEO

Ulrich Loth, Legal Team Leader Europe, Gore

Clemens Pirker, Swarovski

Helmut Rothenberger, CEO Rothenberger AG

Dir. Dr. Paul Rösch, Touriseum

Dipl.-Kffr. Sabine Hatz, BMW

Mag. Peter Bayer, CEO Youth Olympics 2012

Giordano Koch, M.A., Hyve AG


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